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Huge shout out to UiPath for an incredible Meetup in NYC yesterday! UiPath showing the power of community as the Market Leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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From Pilot to Full Scale RPA | UiPath

[PRESENTATION] From pilot to full scale RPA deployment. A comprehensive guide to the business transformation journey. Preparing for an RPA roll-out.


Building the Case for RPA | HP

[PRESENTATION] RPA is no longer just a buzzword. The “hype” is clearly justified. It’s becoming more obvious that RPA adoption is a necessity and should be seen as a Digital Transformation priority, not a “Technology Project”.


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Putting The Human Back In HR

[WHITE PAPER] Putting the “Human” Back in HR How to Balance High Tech and High Touch. Research on Business Strategy and Digital Transformation.


Mastering the Duality of Digital | McKinsey

McKinsey research shows that established companies win by addressing digital strategy’s dual imperatives: building new digital businesses while digitizing legacy operations.


The Benefits of RPA (For Now!)

Reimagine Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation | Capgemini

Putting Artificial Intelligence at the heart of your FP&A. Fragmented finance systems and processes mean that many organizations are highly inefficient and ineffective from still relying too heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets.


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The Potential of RPA

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